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Rapid prototypes

For more service to our clients we now offer prototypes in ABS. We make the parts in the new uPrint 3D printer from Dimension. The machine produces parts in a ABS material called ABSplus with max build dimensions: 203 x 152 x 152mm.

And these aren't fragile lab beauties, either; uPrint's ABSplus plastic is stronger than other materials typically used to make 3D models.  The prototypes won't warp, shrink or absorb moisture. They’re tough enough to be used as working models and withstand rigorous testing.

ABSplus models are made to stand up to functional testing under real-world conditions, and can be drilled, machined, sanded, painted, even chrome-plated.

Compared to wax or other forms of 3D printing, ABS prototypes provide a higher level of detail. Pieces actually snap or fit together, helping you catch mistakes while they’re still relatively inexpensive to fix.

uPrint ABSplus™ models are perfect for proof of concept, functional testing, product mock-ups and even making jigs, fixtures and vacuum forming molds.

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Vehicle Concept Design

Our Concept Development Team brings together ideas and innovations regarding future products. Visions are technically secured and evaluated in detail by conducting feasibility studies. All done in 3D CAD.

Can this product really be manufactured using traditional methods? Will there be a need for new manufacturing methods in order to produce this product? Which materials are suitable to realize the innovation/ concept? We take into account that the product can be produced , and we evaluate future technical requirements. Our Concept Development Team leads to a technically and economically secured product.

Software used: CATIA V4/5, Solid Works, Alibre

Surface Development

Styling concepts and law requirements are turned into complete, high-quality 3D surface data or solids that match the concept beeing developed.

When designing new surfaces of an exterior or interior, we consolidate the styling data and the construction information into one package of information. This ensures that the feasibility of the designed models in each development phase are correct and at top quality.

We develop perfect feasible surfaces for your products.

Software used: CATIA V4/5, ICEM SURF, ALIAS

Project Management

Our project management teams ensure your project is handled optimally by establishing a clear analysis of customer requirements, defining product oriented responsibilities, matching expectations with industry-specific application of each individual task.

In addition to their professional expertise, our project managers and assistant project managers are constantly trained in project management.



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