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Policy's and Technology


Environmental Policy

To protect the environment, Destination Design AB takes active measures to conserve resources and energy in its operations. The Company's environmental measures are to be based on a holistic approach encompassing all Destination Design AB operations.

Consequently, all our operations are to observe the following measures:

- Comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice

- Assess the environmental impact of all historic, current and likely future operations

- Continuously seek to improve environmental performance

- Reduce pollution, emissions and waste

- Reduce the use of all raw materials, energy and supplies

- Prioritizing materials that can be recycled or recovered

- Sorting at source, conserving resources and using energy in a responsible manner

- Raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in environmental matters

- Expect similar environmental standards from all suppliers and contractors

- Assist customers to use products and services in an environmentally-sensitive way

- Increasing employees' awareness of environmental issues

- Liaise with the local community

- Participate in discussions about environmental issues.


Cleaner technology

Cleaner technology need not be an expensive process. Environmental wise can help reduce waste and save money.

Four routes are:

- Cleaner design Minimising the environmental impact over the entire lifetime of a product or service through design can improve competitiveness substantially.

- Optimising the process Optimising processes usually involves changing the process flow and/or improving process control depending on your company’s requirements.

- New technology Using new technology can involve changing to a cleaner process in place of more environmentally harmful ones, installing cleaner equipment, or doing both.

- Recovering and Reusing many processes generate waste streams containing a mixture of materials. Where prevention or reduction is not possible many businesses benefit from recovering and re-using the raw materials and by-products.


Ethical policy

Destination Design AB recognises the importance of running its business in an ethical manner. This means behaving in an ethical way both inside and outside the business, i.e. to:

- Customers
- Employees
- Suppliers
- Partners
- The broader community in which we exist

It is Destination Design AB 's policy to:
- Adopt the principles of just and decent working conditions contained in SA 8000.

- Behave honestly and (subject to the restrictions of confidentiality) openly in dealing with people inside and outside the company.

- Not intentionally engage in activities that undermine a fellow employee or customer or partner.

- Ensure that Destination Design AB meets its statutory obligations e.g. health and safety, keeping company accounts in accordance with the law, maintaining employer's and public liability insurance, meeting fire regulations, etc.

- Not knowingly engage in business with companies that act in ways that clearly contravene these principles.



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